THE DANGEROUS SONG from the film "Dangerous Acts"

From film com­pos­er Ady Co­hens Is­raeli Acade­my Award-?win­ning score for the film "Dan­ger­ous Acts" (1998)

Director Shemi Zarhin
Credits Com­posed, ar­ranged and con­duct­ed by Ady Co­hen ( Lyrics by She­mi Zarhin Sung by Gi­la Al­magor Played by the Raanana Sym­phonette Or­ches­tra ( Back­ing Vo­cals by Sar­it Wino­grad, Yu­val Za­mir, Ri­nat Gabay, Sharon Sharr, Lior Ma­suri, Sharon Co­hen, Ady Co­hen, She­mi Zarhin © Copy­right Ady Co­hen and Shemi Zarhin 1998 All Rights Re­served

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