COOL GUY WIILLY OFFICIAL VIDEO "DONALD TRUMP" DIRECTED BY LAMAR AVERY Kaylin Howard, a.k.a. "Cool Guy Wiilly", was born and raised in the city of Sacramento, California on August 25, 1992. At early ages in his life, Kaylin showed an interest in the art of music. At the age of 13, Kaylin received his first beat production program from Eric Carthen. He spent, day in and day out alone, working with beats on the family computer. Building up his love for music, Kaylin decided to further his progression into the craft, and from there, he formed a local rap group, "Da Set", with a few friends from schools in the surrounding neighborhoods. Since Releasing his single "Fuck Stress" in 2012, CoolGuyWiilly has done shows at Blush Ultra Lounge, Sol Collective, and the Colonial Theater with LoveRance. He also has the song "Wiilly Mays" featured on Ghostface Killahs Mixtape; Hosted by DJ Symphony. CoolGuyWiilly is receiving guidance with his music career from the his father, Andre Howard. Andre and Kaylins father-son story is unlike any other. The two have came a long way to get where they both are now today. Together theyve both established an independent record label name "THE N.DUSTRY" aka "TND". With a bright future ahead, this family owned music label ensures to deliver professional music to all listeners.

Credits Kaylin Howard, Lamar Avery, Leonard,Andre Howard, THE N. DUSTRY
Associated Song Donald Trump

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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