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Situations is a discription of a night gone terribly wrong after a fight between two in love. As the song goes on it says, "..... Had a rough night, Had a big fight, Said some things that were not right.... It's a Situation. The night gets worse as a trip to the bar provides opportunities to for one to get in an even worse Situation. The end of the song provides a question of who's bed will morning find one in. The music is dramatic and emotional. The strong, emotional voice of Michael Egleton brings the mail home once again with Situations, As one music writer wrote, "..Love on the rocks, drenched in nostalgia... Michael Egleton's "Situations" hearkens back to soul's golden age with flair. This track traipses the edge of consciousness in a haze of anguish. Michael Egleton sings with the raw emotion of classic soul crooners - telling his tale of woe over an elegantly sparse arrangement. "Jumped in my car, went to the bar..." A dim lit bar room creaks as you enter. The gloom is cold welcome. Warmth is a shot glass. Gin's no tonic for what ails you. ..Thoughts war within - threatening to escape to reality; transform into actions. Her eyes come back into view and you stand - dropping change on the bar before returning home. "It's just a situation." Egleton harnesses a lot of classic soul influence in "Situations." Old and new converge. The spoken word segment feels like a Boyz II Men hat tilt, though they weren't alone in such tendencies. Regardless, it helps carry the plaintive story and fits well in the song."

Director Michael Egleton
Credits Michael Egleton Michael Egleton Music
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