Hard Times In America 2020

This is a follow-up to my song, "Hard Times In America 2010". Right now there is way too much going on in America, none of it good, Far too much of the same old story, much of it has been happening for hundreds of years. America needs equality (racial & financial), unity and real leadership. Right now we are sorely lacking on all accounts, especially in the leadership department. This song & video is my take on where we currently stand. Please VOTE in November 2020. Our lives and livelyhoods depend on it. Like the song says: "Enough's Enough".

Director Hank Thomas
Credits All lyrics and music written by Hank Thomas. All music performed By Jason Roller. Vocals by Ron Wallace. Music mixed and mastered courtesy of: Protilious Productions. Many thanks to all involved. https://youtu.be/gR1BSxkAPlI
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Clean Clean

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