Choose a song below to audition my music. These examples demonstrate the type of music I can create as a custom composer for your project. If you are looking to record with me, they show the quality I achieve from my studio as a producer/engineer.

Electro Swing Example
Jazz - Swing
And Away We Groove
R & B - Funk
World - Reggae/Carribean
Percussion Trailer
Unique - Soundtracks
Guitar Swing
Jazz - Swing
Dub Step
Electronic - Dubstep
American Country
Country - General
Latin Jazz Cue One
Latin - Jazz

Uptempo Latin Jazz with a fantastic drum kit performance! Nylon string acoustic guitar is the featured instrument.

Solo Acoustic Daydream
Folk - General

Acoustic guitar and percussion create a peaceful "day dreaming" vibe.

Friendly Kids Too
Unique - Children

Pleasant and calming, featuring strumming ukulele and fun percussion.

Bo Groove
Rock - Classic
O Come All Ye Faithful
Unique - Holiday

O Come All Ye Faithful done with one of the most realistic sounding orchestras you will find! Has nylon string guitar melody. The music is triumphant …


Africa Sway
World - African

Medium tempo, authentic South African sounds and chants. Happy mood.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

Artist Name
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