Bethy & The Buick LeSabre

Story Behind The Song

This might have really happened or it could have just been a dream.

Song Description

Love on the road and loss at journey's end.

Song Length 3:24 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Charming Subject Cars, Road
Language English Era 1970 - 1979


Bethy and I were jersey kids
In love in 71
We bought a used car drove to Pensacola
Just to have a little fun

It was a Buick LeSabre
I drove it too fast
We smoked Marboro's
The Buick guzzled gas

Bethy on my arm
looking just fine
My hands on the wheel
Her hands on mine

The morning light steaming up the pavement
Shadows of the trees like a crazy painting

Bethy's blonde hair streaming
Out the side window eating
Peppermint patties enjoying
How the wind blows

She looked at me
With those deep blue eyes
Put some lipstick on
Said it's no surprise

The closer you get
The faster you will go
It's just some thing
That everybody knows

When gravity gets you
And light begins to bend
That's how you know
You're going to hit a dead end
I have a bad habit
When I'm Driving 24
So l get pulled over
'Cause my foot is on the floor

Dude has mirror glasses
Just like the cop on TV
But I got mirrors too
So he seems to like me

Lights start flashing
I have to follow
Down some side roads
Into a sleepy hollow

Elvis on the walls
At the local diner
Pies on the rack
Ain't no coffee finer

When we left
That fine officer said
You better slow down
Don't let me find you dead

Maryland, Virginia,
North Carolina
Never got lost
Never had to find you

But when we got south
Of Birmingham
I got a funny feeling
Like I never had

When Bethy saw her Mama
In Pensacola
I knew she'd be staying
And our loving was over

Bethy was staying and
I would have to leave
Back to New Jersey
With my heart on my sleeve

I knew what she said
Would remain true
There really was nothing
That I could do because

The closer you get
The faster you will go
It's just one of those things
That everybody knows

So when gravity gets you
And lights start to bend
You know you're about
To hit a dead end

So you better stand still
Or at least slow down
And try not to cover
That same old ground

"Bethy & The Buick LeSabre" has a lot of the same elements as a Tom Petty tune. A good (plus real life) story about a trip and being out on the open road with the one you care about. I could imagine this song underscoring a similar scene in an indie film; the quality is there. Great musicianship too.

Lyrics Richard S Zoppo, Mark Riddick Music Richard S Zoppo, Mark Riddick
Producer Mark Riddick Productions Publisher Ghost Of Jupiter Publishing
Performance Zap & The Wires Label Hurricane Valley Records

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