Song Description

And there it is. Accepting and embracing the subtle overtaking and empowerment of our time and emotions by man made objects.

Song Length 3:30 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Mood Passive, Content
Subject Life, Present Era 2000 and later

Interesting concept creating a specific mood

The song has a pretty strong intro and gets my head bobbing right away. I love how the melody builds on the piano particularly from the higher to lower pitch keys. The choice of instrumentation is great. I like where the song is taking me and really dig the piano that comes in 1:41. Some of the piano sounds definitely bring the musician Moby to mind.

Music Yuri Kusina Producer Yuri Kusina
Publisher Yuri Kusina Performance Yuri Kusina
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Clean Clean

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