Song Length 3:47 Genre Electronic - Experimental
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Era 2000 and later

1st listen, interesting synth patch start, almost dial-tone, drums sound great, glide on melody line very nice,like the dropout section, nice atmos, now bass alone, back ino groove, LOVE that gliding mlody, almost synth-sitarish, the dial-tone permeates the track, very very good track here, shaker well done for a vst machine, nice velocity-control, 2nd listen now, that dial-tone now seems like a weird piano inversion, a tight chord cluster, very nice, this track sounds even better 2nd listen, great track, pro-quality, fully marketable as-is, scoring now, market pot 4, even use small sections as cue offers, hear more o yea 5, lyric n/a, hook quality 5 for that gliding melody, very memorable, instrumentation down to 4 for that far left synth, all tracks well played tho, voc pitch n/a, recording qual 5, pro-quality mix, arranged 5, very dynamically arranged, originality 4, chord progression quite standard, no off-tone changes to minors sorry, overall, gotta say 5 here, too good to let a few minor complaints drop it to overall 4, excellent track, curious to see who you are, thx, gtreat review session today, the best

Lyrics Yuri Kusina Music Yuri Kusina
Producer Yuri Kusina Publisher Yuri Kusina
Performance Yuri Kusina Label Yuri Kusina
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Clean Clean

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