That's History

Song Length 3:13 Genre Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal



Well I been living like a crazy fool,
Breakin? all the rules ? but that?s it man, that?s history
I use to drink until dawn, & sometimes wake up on my lawn
But I swear honey, that?s all history

Chorus 1
I?m gunna buy a brand new suit today and polish up my act
Join that church on down the street that wants me to come back
I won?t lie, I won?t cheat, I won?t swear, spit or drink
That?s it man -- that?s all history

I been runnin? all around, with every pretty girl in twon
But I swear honey ? they?re all history
There?ll be a new beginning, when I give up all this sinning
Honest babe ? That?s history

Chorus 2
I?m gunna say my goodbyes to whiskey and gin
And bid my farewells to all the bars I?ve gone in
You?ll never ever have to wait up late for me again
No more mystery -- That?s history

I?ll give up my bad habits, just to keep you satisfied
I?ll do anything you want, if you?ll stay right by my side

Well my roving days are over, no more playing Casanova
That?s it girls, that?s? history
I think it?s time for a change, no more runnin round insane
Like I said honey ? that?s history

Repeat Chorus 1

Copyright 1989 Will Ray and Sharyn Lane
That?s when the U haul
That?s when the U haul
That?s when the U haul pulled away

I tried to convince myself
I don?t need nobody else
But I?m going down in emotional quicksand

I wish someone would throw me a rope
I?m living out a bad horoscope
Jupiter?s rising -- while I?m sinking fast

Repeat Chorus

I took that girl for granted so many times before
Sometimes you don?t know what you?ve got
Till it?s walking out the door

Repeat Chorus

Copyright 1995 Will Ray
Ghost Ranch Music/BMI

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