Take 'em By Surprise

Song Length 3:49 Genre Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal



She wore a red bow ? tie with mischief perfume
Like a neon sign that beckons you
The rest was flesh, except the fishnet gloves
Spiked high heels and a whisper of love
I said, honey, are the kids in bed
I haven?t seen you like this since the day we wed
She told me, sit down boy, it?s a little routine
From cosmopolitan magazine

They say, take ?em surprise
Fool ?em once or twice
You can do something naughty
Or you can do something nice
It pays to keep ?em guessing
I guarantee it?s worth a try
That extra touch can mean so much
When you take ?em by surprise

It was hard to think I could match my lover
But one good turn deserves another
I left a note on the bathroom mirror
?Meet me at the river dear?
I let the moon provide all the light
And I was dressed like a soldier on leave for the night
Her face lit up like a teenage girl
And we danced until dawn without a care in the world


Yeah, don?t let your love
Get put on the shelf
It only takes a little effort
To re-invent yourself

Copyright 1991 Will Ray Peter Strong
Ghost Ranch Music/BMI

Lyrics Will Ray / Peter Strong Music Will Ray / Peter Strong
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