Song Length 4:58 Genre Country - Alternative



Lucas maybe I should I tell you
We been friends such a long, long time
Late last night I saw her
At Garamontes sipping wine

I could have been mistaken
After all you know what cuervo can do
My heart it was aching
seeing here there without you

Lucas when you fish in muddy water
Don?t be surprised by what you reel in
When you go dancing with the devil?s daughter
You better beware of the wages of sin
Cause they will pull you in

Me and Bobby tried to warn you
Heard the rumors all around this town
She came from California toting something
She could not put down

I know your heart is aching
That tramp pulled a number on you
The whole time she was faking
Hanging out with every man she knew

Repeat Chorus

Remember when my daddy took us fishing
Taught us what to keep and through away
Now for me when life?s got something missing
I may be holding what I should have let go way

Repeat chorus
c 2004 Will Ray & Jim Beus

Lyrics Will Ray & Jim Beus Music Will Ray & Jim Beus
Producer Will Ray
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