Invisible Birds

Song Length 4:25 Genre Country - Alternative



He was visited by invisible birds
When they spoke he listened to every word
They were crazy invisible birds

He was walking down the street one afternoon
Killed a blind man for singing out of tune
No one could figure out why
But a bird whispered that this man must die

The girl at the diner once broke is heart
With a cleaver he took her apart
When the cops came they stood and stared
There where blood and feathers scattered everywhere

Repeat chorus

He left town to escape the law
But they found him hiding in Omaha
He was flappin? his arms in a rage
Till they caught him and put him in a cage

He lives now on the funny farm
The whole town?s good to see him gone
They think everything?s all right
While the birds go out and murder in the night

Repeat chorus

Copyright 1993 Will Ray
Ghost Ranch Music/BMI

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