If I knew Then (Female)

Song Length 2:41 Genre Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal




If I knew then what I know now
I?d change my life somehow
I?d be different, I?d be true
There?d be things I wouldn?t do
If I knew then what I know now

So many lessons I have learned
So many bridges I have burned
There?d be roads I?d never choose
And one heart I wouldn?t lose

If I could travel back in time
To the days when you were mine
I would make it up to you
For all the pain I put you through

Repeat Chorus

I never realized back then
That our love could ever end
I was foolish when you were mine
Took you for granted all the time

But if time were just a door
I would walk through it once more
I?d win you in the end
And never leave you again

Repeat chorus

Copyright 1990 Will Ray and Sharyn Lane
Ghost Ranch Music/BMI

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