Honey I Got Better Things To Do

Song Length 3:01 Genre Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal



Honey I got better things to do
Than wastig all my precious time on you
I finally realized -- that you?ve been telling Lies
And honey I got better things to do

Darlin? please don?t tell me that you love me
Like you said so many times before
Cause you keep runnin? round -- with every guy in town
Don?t you think I?ve had enough by now
And you ain?t gunna change anyhow

Repeat Chorus

I?ll bet you come around sayin? you?re sorry
Like you have so many times before
But one thing that?s a fact ? is I don?t want you back
I don?t want to see you ?round no more
And don?t you come a knockin? at my door

Repeat Chorus

Copyright Will Ray and Kay Wolf
Ghost Ranch Music/BMI

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