Fast Train To Nowhere

Song Length 3:01 Genre Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal



With the speed of the cannonball express
You came into my life and left it a mess
Like a bolt of lightning going down the tracks
You took my heart with you never looking back
I got swept off my feet and I didn?t have a prayer
I?m on a fast train to nowhere

I thought that I would be the only one on board
But that old train was haulin? 20 gals or more
I wanted to get off but we were moving too fast
I thought that old train ride would be my last
I closed my eyes and prayed that I?d be spared
Cause I?m on a fast train to nowhere

I don?t wanna be last ? like an old caboose
Unhook me now and turn me loose
I?m such a wreck ? just look at me
A broken heart and memories

Get outta my way I gotta pull the brakes
I?m in a hurry to unload some freight
This bumpy ride ain?t what you promised me
A two-timing man ain?t what I need
This joyride has got me runnin? scared
I?m on a fast train to nowhere

Copyright 1993 Will Ray and Brisi K. Hall
Ghost Ranch Music/BMI

Lyrics Will Ray / Brisi K. Hall Music Will Ray / Brisi K. Hall
Publisher Ghost Ranch Music (BMI) - Administered By Bug Music
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