East Of Jesus

Song Length 3:54 Genre Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal



There?s no place I?d rather be
Than back in Tennessee
Where the air is always clean and the people friendly
But I?m thousands of miles away
Where I am it?s hard to say
I?m somewhere East of Jesus -- West of Tennessee

I live on a busy street
My rent is mighty steep
And the girls are hard to meet, yet here I stay
I feel so all alone
I wish that I could go back home
But instead I?m East of Jesus, West of Tennessee

It seems
I?m North of the things that are dear to me
And south of just where I want to be
I?ve drifted way off course, no direction anymore
I?m somewhere East of Jesus, West of Tennessee

Sometimes I think about
That girl I left down south
I wonder what she?s doing now she?s probably married
I keep drifting day to day
Cause my compass has gone astray
Right now I?m East of Jesus, West of Tennessee

Copyright 1989 Will Ray
Ghost Ranch Music/BMI

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