After The Fact

Song Length 3:23 Genre Country - Alternative
Lead Vocal Female Vocal



Let?s get the story straight
You, Walked out on me
Left my heart with nothing
But Misery
And now you?re crying
Dying to get me back
But the truth is, baby
It?s after the fact

I?ve seen these tears before
And your I?m so sorry look
But this time darlin?, you ain?t
Getting? off the hook
You say, you regret
Your disappearing act
But it?s too late, baby
It?s after the fact

Oh, the damage is done
I won?t give in
If history repeats itself
You?d do it again
You swear that you love me
And you simply got off track
But it?s way, way after the fact

You couldn?t stand the heat
You ran when things got bad
You never stopped to realize
What we had
And now you?re suffering
One big heart attack
Cause it?s over, baby
It?s after the fact

Repeat Chorus

Copyright 1993 Peter Strong and Will Ray
Ghost Ranch Music/BMI

Lyrics Will Ray / Peter Strong Music Will Ray / Peter Strong
Publisher Ghost Ranch Music (BMI) - Administered By Bug Music
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