Why Won't You Marry Me?

Story Behind The Song

The great saxaphone solo is by Chris Vadala, formerly with Chuck Mangione

Song Description

A slow torch song with nylon acoustic guitar similar to Clapton's Unplugged sound.

Song Length 3:53 Genre Blues - Rock, Jazz - Lounge
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking, Moving Subject Heartbreak, Unrequited Love
Similar Artists Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton Language English
Era 1990 - 1999



I'm beside as you as you sleep
After evenings making love
We rarely fight and we talk things out
We go hand in hand, glove in glove
My heart's on my sleeve when I describe my love
I'm prepared for eternity
I feel we're as one as two can be
Why won't you marry me?

We've had time to build things up
We're each other's finest friend
There's passion as bright as gold is gold
As red as the roses I send
And so the diamond ring I picked out catches the light perfectly
I've asked the question, but I'm in the dark
Why won't you marry me?

We may always be lonely
If we let things break apart
My choice -a wife
Your choice -your life
You're free to break my heart
(c) 1994 copywrite Charles W Rinaldo

Lyrics Whitman Rinaldo Music Whitman Rinaldo
Producer Ray Disney Publisher Rinwhit Publishing ASCAP
Performance Whitman Rinaldo Label Sonority Records
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