Merry Old King

Song Description

Medeival Rock about a King and his daughter, and their search for a Prince

Song Length 2:13 Genre Folk - Alternative, Rock - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Frenzied, Stressed Subject Royalty, History, Past
Similar Artists Queen, The Crash Test Dummies Language English


Merry Old King had a jester
The jester would stand on his head
And sing till he turned red

Merry Old King had a daughter
Who wanted to marry a prince
But ev?ry boy made him wince

When the king became under the weather
His people?d be scared and not pleased
When he caught cold, they all sneezed

All the people sing
Power and Privilege, the Merry Old King
Surrounded by riches, the Merry Old King
All the people sing

They lived in a castle by water
They spent afternoons on the boat
The Royals liked to float

The boat started sinking the water
A prince watching nearby could swim
He dove?. and saved all them


This gave jester one more grand story
The king would react with laughter
And they all lived happily ever?. after

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Lyrics Whitman Rinaldo Music Whitman Rinaldo
Producer Whitman Rinaldo Publisher Rinwhit Publishing ASCAP
Performance Whitman Rinaldo Label Sonority Records
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