Story Behind The Song

A long tough winter made me wish for a really nice summer day

Song Description

Jazzy, Happy song that makes you feel like going out in the sunshine

Song Length 2:27 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, R & B - Doo Wop
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Joyful Subject Falling in Love, Kissing
Similar Artists George Benson, Stevie Wonder Language English
Era 2000 and later



Look outside It?s nice and warm
Would you like to spend the day with me?
Bright sunshine Grab a bottle of wine
Let?s go have a picnic in the park

Let?s get up and go
The world?s outside your door; It?s true!
The weather is fine
It?s summertime
You showed me a sign
It says, ?Let?s go, get up! Get in the groove?

It?s a lovely spot It?s getting hot
I feel like laying back to work on my tan
The air is fresh, And so am I
Would you like to sit real close to me?

I am glad you?re here Enjoying the day
This is the perfect way to relax and hang around
I like your smile And your eyes
I like to flirt and kiss for my dessert

Chorus (twice)

Take off your shoes Dance in the grass
We got our groove on having a good, good time
Oh, what a blast! You?re so much fun
I love it when you?re dancing with me in the sun

Look outside It?s nice and warm
Would you like to go? Hey, get in the groove


Lyrics Whitman Rinaldo Music Whitman Rinaldo
Producer Whitman Rinaldo Publisher Rinwhit Publishing ASCAP
Performance Whitman Rinaldo Label Sonority Records
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