Song Length 3:24 Genre Country - Rock



I am on a regimen
Of loving you
In the day and the nighttime
It's all that I want to do
It's kinda like a diet
But I do'nt gotta give anything up
I"m on a regimen, regimen, yeah.

I called up the doctor
Said is this OK?
It's some kind of addiction
I know I'll never ever walk away
The doctor he told me
You know you're a lucky, lucky girl
Stay on the regimen, regimen, yeah.

Get a treatment in the morning
A treatmen at high noon
Cocktail hour, dinner time,
Doncha dare stop till we both feel fine
on the regimen...

I am on a regimen
I'm getting strong
we're building something baby
You know I wanna help it along
I'm bound and determined
I don't wanna mess anything up
I'm on a regimen, regimen, yeah...

Lyrics Whit Hill Music Whit Hill
Producer Whit Hill Publisher Pook Music
Performance Whit Hill and the Postcards Label Home Run Records
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