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I know I am plain
My dresses are simple
My hair it is straight, Not a wave, nor a curl
And my eyes are not strong
But I can see clearly
Love ain't a train that is bound for this girl

At 10 I got glasses, the lenses were thick
My friends fell away, I walked home all alone.
The doctor, he told me he never had seen
A girl as farsighted as my mama's own.

When you're nearsighted
You see things up close
The details, the fine points, the sweet day-to-day
When you're farsighted,
You see what's coming
from far, far away....

You said I was pretty, you danced me around
you said you would drive me to town for the show
Well, please don't feel sorry for promises broken
I never expected to go.

When you're nearsighted
You see things up close
A lover, a flower, a filligreed ring
When you're farsighted, you see what's coming
A far better thing...

I pick up my basket, I walk to the market
I get what I need, I go home to my chair.
Please do not warn me of dangers ahead
My eyes don't deceive me, no, they wouldn't dare.

When you're nearsighted....

Lyrics Whit Hill Music Whit Hill
Producer Whit Hill Publisher Pook Music
Performance Whit Hill and the Postcards Label Home Run Records
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