California Maybe

Song Length 4:38 Genre Folk - Country


California Maybe

Have you decided where you're headed?
No, I have not. I don't know yet.
California, maybe...
Have you told him?
No, I don't dare.
I just dream 'bout going somewhere.
California, maybe.

And I will leave my coat on the back of the bus
And the kindness of strangers, it will shelter me
And I will leave my shoes and I'll go running thru the sand
And my first ocean, it will welcome me to
California. Maybe.

You best think careful - what will you do?
You gotta work there, when you get to
California, maybe.
Maybe movies, I ain't sure yet.
Must be something I'd be good at in
California, maybe.

And I will place my palms in the hands of the stars
And those beautiful boys with their shaded eyes...
And I will eat that fruit outta my own backyard
And that desert sun and the mountains in
California Maybe

When you get settled, I'll come see you
Yeah, you better. I will show you
California, maybe...
I gotta save my money, sell my car.
Before I get to where those lights are in
California maybe...

(rep cho one)

Lyrics Whit Hill Music Whit Hill
Producer Whit Hill Publisher Pook Music
Performance Whit Hill and the Postcards Label Home Run Records
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