Song Length 4:13 Genre Blues - Country
Lead Vocal Female Vocal



I got a house downtown
Run down shack, baby, best be torn down
I got a house downtown.
Two-tone double-wide a dirty shade of brown
I got a house, but don't you see
Any place with you is like paradise for me

I got a car in my drive
It's a broke-down Ford, baby, barely alive,
I got a car in my drive
My grandma, she left me it back in 1975
I got a car, but don't you see
Any ride with you is like a Cadillac for me.

Better. Baby make everything better.
Change the snow to tropical weather
Don't you see.
Everything you do makes it better for me.

I got a dress I like to wear
It's long outta style, baby it's real threadbare.
i got a dress I like to wear.
Got the hem hanging down, yeah, but I do'nt care.
I got a dress, but don't you see
When I'm standing next to you, I'm like the queen of Arabee..


I got a heart here in my chest.
It's a silly little thing, but it tries its best
I got a heart in my chest.
Nicked and bruised on its lover's quest
but this heart it beats strong
When I'm lying next to you, baby all night long...


Lyrics Whit Hill Music Whit Hill
Producer Whit Hill Publisher Pook Music
Performance Whit Hill and the Postcards Label Home Run Records
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