Love Adamatine

Story Behind The Song

I wanted to do a song about my love for my wife, Jenn, based on a heavy loud guitar riff. Why should this sort of sound be co-opted for death and destruction? Nothing wrong with that, but I think it can be used for a straight-up love song as well.

Song Description

Two heavy guitars, one laying down a basic riff on A-Bm-D-C#m and another blazing over it in vibrato sonic blasts. Organ, syths, pounding bass and drums, loud vocals -- of course, it's a love song. Anthemic in style, but not emotive like a power ballad and not meant to be ironic, either. Just a love song done in sort of a Deep Purple style. A departure from the sound of most of West of Rome's other music on Drunk Tank Decoy, which is much closer to roots-rock, alt-country.

Song Length 5:01 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - Heavy Metal
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Exultant, Ecstatic Subject Madly In Love, Loving Marriage
Similar Artists Deep Purple, Joe Walsh Language English
Era 2000 and later


There comes one day
Unchanged by a miracle,
Never is predicted
A seventh-seal spectacle.

The sailing sun ablaze in yellow haze
I'm drowning in your gaze
In tidal waves from phases of the moon.

There comes one hour,
Buries comic aspirations,
Start your revised future,
With no standard explanations.

The setting sun ablaze in cathode rays,
Surrendering to your gaze,
Melted and enveloped in spoon.

There comes one word,
Reaches deep down inside
Kings and fools bow before it,
Great fears fall aside.

(instrumental verse, break, restart)

There comes one day
One day before forever,
Never, never is predicted
Rhythm, chord and measure.
There comes one day,
Love adamantine,
Love adamantine,
Love adamanti-i-i-ine ....

Lyrics Marc Alberts Music Marc Alberts, Andrew Beaumont, Tom Cox, Chris DeMay
Producer Jay Bennett, Chris DeMay and West of Rome Publisher Prairie Wind Howl Music, ASCAP
Performance Marc Alberts - lead vocal, organ, synth guitar; Chris DeMay, Jay Bennett - electric guitars; Tom Cox - bass; Andrew Beaumont - drums; Michelle Anthony - vocals Label Slothtrop Records
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