I've Got a Keg

Story Behind The Song

Our son (age 18) has been told he has a 'six pack' stomach. My wife says not to fret because ... I've got a 'keg'! Not reflective of my personal values, but meant to be a fun song with an easy to remember hook.

Song Description

Upbeat, humorous country song with a memorable hook. Older man singing to a girl about what type of guy the girl apparently wants and what she really needs.

Song Length 3:25 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Country - Traditional
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Content Subject Searching for Love, General
Similar Artists Kenny Rogers, The Charlie Daniels Band Language English
Era 2000 and later


I?ve Got a Keg

Anyone can see through your purty girl smile that you?ve got a wondering eye
You?re sneaking a peak at every young buck tonight while pretending you?re a little bit shy
It?s time you checked out an experienced man though I?m not one to beg
Baby he may have a six pack, but I?ve got a keg

It?s not easy staying in shape; it took me years to form this physique
With Jose Quervo, southern fried cookin?, Budweiser eight days a week
A trip to the gym and a low carb diet never kept my beer gut fed
Baby he may have a six pack, but I?ve got a keg

Now that cowboy?s lookin? for a one night stand
He?s gonna love you and leave you tonight
But when you snuggle up close with a Teddy Bear
He?s gonna love you for the rest of your life
I?m not braggin?, as a matter of fact
This could lead to a honeymoon bed
Baby he may have a six pack, but I?ve got a keg

I may not be the man of your dreams or your fantasy night of romance
But I learned long ago you can?t please a woman just trying to get into her pants
So listen up girl here?s some words of wisdom that never entered your purty head
Baby he may have a six pack, but one day he?ll have a keg.

Chorus + repeat last line

Words and music by Wesley L. Bruce
Copyright 2005

Lyrics Wesley Bruce Music Wesley Bruce
Producer Wesley Bruce, Jared Bruce Performance Wesley Bruce
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