All Over Again

Story Behind The Song

True story about me and my wife, Sherry.

Song Description

A man telling his wife that he loves her so much that he'd marry her all over again.

Song Length 3:52 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Folk - General
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Endearing Subject Loving Marriage, Madly In Love
Language English Era 2000 and later


All Over Again

You are my only love and my best friend
Baby look how far we?ve come and where we?ve been
We don?t know what the future may hold
We?ll have to take it day by day
Our love burns stronger as we grow old
And I can honestly say:

I?d marry you all over again. I?d marry you all over again
Looking back on my life, that?s one thing I wouldn?t change
I?d marry you all over again

I?ve never been the kind of guy who likes running around
I?m more than satisfied in the woman I?ve found
I never dreamed I would be the one
When I asked you to be my wife
I won?t question what God has done
I?m gonna hold you for the rest of my life


Our love is like the wind
We can?t see from where it comes
But the feeling never ends

Chorus X 2

All over again

Words and music by Wesley Bruce
Copyright 2004

Lyrics Wesley Bruce Music Wesley Bruce
Producer Wesley Bruce Performance Wesley Bruce
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