Shock to the System

Song Length 5:28 Genre Rock - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject General, News
Language English Era 2000 and later


We got acid rain, we got crack cocaine
We got fools in schools with guns
We got chickens fucking on the internet
With paraplegic nuns
We got pee-pee cams, political scams
Psychobabble galore
We got 55 channels of HBO
Not enough? Hell, they?ll make some more

Pre Chorus: Maybe we should stop it before we go too far
They always try to top it, they always raise the bar

Chorus: Everywhere I look, it?s like a shock to the system
Somebody get the hook, it?s all a shock to the system

We got prepaid hits, we got plastic tits
We got prophylactic bars
Can?t afford to feed our kids
But damn, they drive nice cars
We got mediocre mediocrity
Just watch it run it?s course
Our past is catching up with us
We?ve put the cart before the horse

Lyrics Kenny Ames/Todd Austin/Warner Hodges2003 Music Kenny Ames/Todd Austin/Warner Hodges2003
Producer Warner E. Hodges Performance Kenny Ames/Todd Austin/Matt Green/Warner Hodges2003
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