No Regrets

Story Behind The Song

Miles (lead singer)and I (Ed Grams) sat down one day and had a converstion. I had asked Miles if he regrets getting married and having kids. He said he has alway thought about what his life would be like if he didn't get married and have kids. He also said he had no regrets with the choices he made. He couldn't imagine life with out his wife and kids.

Song Description

Have you ever thought of how your life would be if you made different choices? Did you choose the right path? Do you regret the choices you made? Would you do it the same again?

Song Length 3:56 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Glad Subject You, Yours, Loving Marriage
Similar Artists Staind, Nickelback Language English
Era 2000 and later


Do you ever wounder why
Do you every feel denied
Of a life you had in mind
Of a life you've seen online
Do you have any seepless nights
Thinking if its wrong or right
Is this the lie you would fight for again

Do you have any regrets, with the mouths you've fed, with the heads you've bed

No I have no regrets
Id do it over again
Id drive another million miles, just to hold the hands of my babies
No I have no regrets

I've sit back and watched, my friends do what they want
It's appealling but its not for me
I chose my destiny
I chose what's right for me
Now its my time to tell my story

Lyrics Miles Pelletier Music Ed Grams, Tyron Wagner, Brett Johnston
Producer Turnkey Studios
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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