Morning Hours

Song Length 5:03 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Alternative
Subject Lost Love


Morning hours and the birds that sing
I was quite awake when the cold crawled in
Cause I never had anymore than you
And the warmth that you bring!

The poems on my desk
Tell my shattered thoughts east and west
Cause I never knew how to think of you
As the cruel or the best!

And yes you are my mystery
All my laughters, all my shivers
And every single breath that comes with ease

And all this time and all these years
You were the question with no answer
And me...I have the burns from two extremes

The fear of you is what I keep within
I was lost between faith and sin
Cause I never knew when to think of you
As I lose or as I win!

And yes you are the secret dream
Every thorn on every flower
With every touch of you I have to bleed

And shouts of youth we can not hear
All the smiles we owe each other
Are nothing now that the dream has gone you see....

The pages of the past she folds away
Afraid of every thought that she could have stayed

For you know I have been too blind
You know I have been a child
Just look in my eyes and see
What your love means to me....

And she's telling me to go on with my life

Lyrics waleed hadi Music waleed hadi
Producer waleed hadi Performance waleed hadi

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