You're So Good For Me (feat Hannah Dimo)

Song Length 3:49 Genre R & B - Soul

Smooth and classic, just the way I like it. Strong vocal! Rhythm section also very tight and steady.

Grammy!! Thank You So Much for Producing This!

easy to listen to in a good way...nice vocals... every once in while reminds me of Carlene Carter and in that vein. NICE VOCALS.

The Vocals are awesome! The mix is pretty spot on. The guitar parts fit perfectly in the mix. I really dig the dirty dsus on the turnaround. All of the parts just mesh really well together. The vocal harmonies are tastefully added, nothing sounds overdone or out of place. Instantly reminds me of the carpenters and Alicia keys.

Kind of a Motown feel and groove to this one. Really great vocals. Nice touch bringing the keys in near the end of the song, a sweet sound.

Makes me think of Alicia Keys or someone like that. Pretty voice, you wanna team up for a song or two?

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