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Story Behind The Song

Song written for the Voices Around The World Project 2014-15. Last year neqrly 4000 voices of young people from 42 countries contributed to our release of the Howard Jones Song Unshakeable. This was a tremendous success. We are looking for 8000 voices this year!! The youngsters involved in the project are asked also this year to submit videos of their dance moves to go with the song and a short 20-30 second video directored at world leaders to get them to wake up to ands LISTEN TO the voices of young people in relatio to their thoughts on what is needed to make their world a better place for the future. The song lyrics also celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela and how he is a prime example of getting people to listen to each other!

Song Length 3:40 Genre Pop - Dance


Listen to us

You've got to

Listen to us

You've got to

Listen to us

You've got to

Listen to us

You've got to........

Listen to us

We' are the Voices 'Round The World

Listen to us

To ev'ry boy and ev'ry girl

Listen to us

There is so much we have to say

Listen to us

We are the voices of today

Everyday the same old news

We're dancing to the same old tune

It's hunger, war and poverty

So many people so much greed

While Politicians wrong and right

They argue through the day and night

They think they've got the master plan

But do they really understand

The wheel of life is spinning fast

No time to look back on the past

No times to hear the cries of pain

Don't make the same mistakes again

So he walked that long and lonely road to freedom (Mandela)

He walked that road and held his head up high (Mandela)

And when they locked him in a prison cell
And threw away the key

He turned the other cheek to them and smiled (Mandela)

He showed the world the true force of compassion (Mandela)

He showed the world there is another way (Mandela)

He taught us how to listen to each other (Mandela)

To what our brothers and our sisters have to say ay ay

All the preachers and the teachers

All the leaders round the world

All the mothers and the fathers

Every boy every girl

All the lawyers and the businessmen

All the people that you meet

All the rich and the famous

All the people on the street

If you're lost and you're lonely

in the middle of a war

You're tired and you're hungry

You can't take any more

Lyrics Laurie Lewin Music Laurie Lewin
Producer Laurie Lewin Publisher wave7music
Performance Laurie Lewin, Jack Cooke, Max Lewin, Kristina Lewin, Students from St Christorphers School choir in Bahrain Label wave7music
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