I Love The Sun

Story Behind The Song

"I Love The Sun" is a song by Andrew Rohn that VO5 has been performing for 10 years without recording. It is reminiscent of Carlos Jobim's "Brazil" in its chromatic samba style. Its first-verse lyric "each day that you shine, love so divine, whole as in one" again sets a religious/ecstatic/Buddhist tone present in many of the songs in the album. Yet the song keeps it light--evoking "Oh, Calcutta" by The Dave Pell Singer's (of "Mah-na Mah-na" fame) and would fit right in The Sound Gallery, a catchy compilation of 70s mood music. It's a sun salutation that ends with the sound of either burning-hot frying oil or an icy-cold rainfall.

Song Length 4:18 Genre Pop - Dreampop
Similar Artists Dave Pell Singers, Antonio Carlos Jobim


Each day that you shine-- Love so Divine,
Whole as in One
And by the way, I Love the Sun (everybody loves the...)
Ooo, celestial Fire, light up the Sky-- You are the One
And by the way, I Love the Sun
Be all you can be when you're with me 'cause we are Free
And by the way, I Love the Sun

Lyrics Andrew Rohn Music Andrew Rohn
Producer VO5 Publisher VO5
Performance VO5 Label Caculo
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