Half My Heart's In Iraq

Story Behind The Song

The touching story of worry that involves each person who maintains the family while his or her love is off in Iraq fighting for the USA

Song Description

Poignant song about the war in Iraq separating families and the worry and loss it has caused

Song Length 4:02 Genre Country - Traditional, Country - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant, Restless Subject War, Worry
Similar Artists Leann Rimes, Shawn Colvin Language English
Era 2000 and later


George Scholz/Carol J. Mayberry-Sanchez

He was my big, strapping Marine
We were married when we turned eighteen
The night of our senior prom
He vowed to help get Saddam
Fightin? with a band of brothers
Savin? babies, daughters and mothers
For peace, freedom and human rights
I pray for him mornin?, noon, and night

Half my heart?s in Iraq
Please, Lord, bring him back
He said don?t you worry
I?ll be home in a hurry
But until his boots touch a USA tarmac
Half my heart?s in Iraq

It?s been tough to stay in touch
Wanna tell ?im I miss him so much
But I know why he took this stance
Fightin? for America and those who can?t
He was proud of protectin? those babies
And there?s a chance?just maybe
He might get orders to come on home
Cause we?re gonna have a son of our own

Repeat chorus

Pretty soon there was a knock at the door
I saw the dress blues of our Marine Corps
Two men said we?re sorry but want you to know
You can tell your son his daddy was a real American hero

I lost half my heart in Iraq
The Lord chose not to bring him back
He said don?t you worry
I took him home in a hurry
His boots never touched that USA tarmac
I lost half my heart in Iraq
Half my heart?s in Iraq

Copyright ©2006 Carol J. Mayberry-Sanchez & George Scholz
Contact: Carol J. Mayberry-Sanchez, 303-776-7350, caroldansanchez@msn.com
George Scholz, 217-277-0150, 217-222-4090 gwscholz@hotmail.com

Lyrics George W. Scholz Music Carol J. Mayberry-Sanchez
Producer Rick Chudacoff/Gouda Music
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