In the World

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700 covers of that song were posted by young teenagers in January 2013; it went #42 on the itunes chart and still holds the record of sell for songs featured buy VideoStar (Iphone App)

Song Description

appeal to all girls! Winning song #2 on the International Songwriting Competition 2011 (Teens)

Song Length 3:32 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Similar Artists Norah Jones


In The World
You don't have to be tall and skinny
To prove yourself nice and pretty
It's all about your personality
You don't have to be bleached blond
And you... don't have to have any makeup on
to be the Prettiest girl in the world
And you wake up in the morning
Walk down the street
You find... girls with their cellphones
High heels and stick thin bones
You don't know.... you don't don't know
If someday you'll be somethin' like that
And you wonder.... if that's what the world is lookin up at

In the World (cont) pg 2
The beauty in this world
Is the people havin' acceptance of the difference
'Cause if you know what I'm talking about
In the mirror insecurity and doubt
Cover the glass

Lyrics Victoria Celestine Music Victoria Celestine
Publisher Victoria Celestine Performance Victoria Celestine
Label Victoria Celestine
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