My Heart Aches

Song Length 3:41 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Country


My Heart Aches by Vicki Pompea © 2003

Bad news on the radio
More killing and retribution
I wish it?d stop. Why can?t they stop?
There?s got to be s a better solution

My heart aches - to hear about another war
My heart breaks. It comes again. It came before
And I wake up in the night
Will we ever get it right?
My heart aches

A friend of ours - she died today
She fought her battle with grace
We thought she?d win. We hoped and prayed.
It hurts so much - we miss her face

My heart aches - grieving through another loss
My heart breaks. Another soul has passed across
And I wake up all alone
Feeling empty and unknown
My heart aches.

But my heart is bigger than I think I know
It holds a treasure in the dark
It opens up to let the love inside
It hurts when love is leaving it?s mark

I don?t want a heart that can?t be breached
It would be so empty and so cold
I prefer it fragile as it needs to be
To let in the pleasure and the hope.

I dry my tears and say my prayers.
And count my blessings for a while
I close my eyes and try to sleep
Then I?m startled by a sudden smile

My heart aches each time I feel the baby move
My heart breaks when his Daddy feels him too
And I wake up with the light
To a world that is so beautiful and bright - that my heart aches.

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