Calm in your head

Story Behind The Song

Leslie's guitar told this story, actually, which often happens. She picked it up and I heard the words immediately when she started to play. This song was born and done within a few minutes and we kept it simple and didn't touch it since.

Song Description

Sometimes the most detrimental things to our spirit come not with a prophecy of locusts or war but quietly...the quiet death of a spirit is so sinister...I have watched it happen to people.

Song Length 3:20 Genre Folk - Alternative


Wise man said
His spirit's comin' round
To the Mad man who said
Like flies they'll be droppin' down

So don't believe a word of truth he's
Spittin' thru his front tooth
He's deceiving you
Like the Calm in your head
Calm in your head

Is this story old
Does it leave you cold
Does it trick your mind of all
That you've been sold
Can you hold my stare or
Do you even care
That the Darkest Star has caught you
In her snare

And I wish I could
Tell you about love

Does it leave you cold?
Like the Calm in your head...

Lyrics Jennifer Wilkerson Music Leslie Russel
Producer Clean Cuts Publisher Wilkerson and Russel
Performance Wilkerson and Russel
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Clean Clean

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