Hey! That's My Kiss

Story Behind The Song

Here's another song that was inspired by a line from a movie: Matthew Broderick in "Addicted to Love." He was pointing to a video he took of his girlfriend kissing another guy, and said, "Hey! that was MY kiss!" That line was swirling around in my head, a

Song Description

"The tune chosen as her first single has already garnered lots of exposure, winning the Great American Song Contest (Country) and also being named the Northeast Country Music Association's song of the year. This single spotlights DeLaCruz's noteworthy voc

Song Length 3:02 Genre Country - General
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Fruit Language English
Era 2000 and later


Hey! That’s My Kiss
Copyright 2002 by Valerie DeLaCruz

I saw you walkin’ down the street
Imagine my surprise when you stopped to meet
That red-headed girl at the corner store
And when you put your arms around her, I knew the score

CHORUS: Hey! That’s my kiss
The one I missed
The one you’ve been saving for me
Hey! I want it back
You can’t do that
It’s not the way it should be
It’s true, I don’t own you
But I can tell you this:
You can’t give it to her, ‘cause that’s my kiss

Was I naïve or was I blind?
Was I fantasizing in my mind?
I thought your love was mine alone
I didn’t realize it was just on loan


Bridge: That’s my kiss
And I want it back


Tag: Hey! That’s my kiss
Hey! That’s my kiss
Hey! That’s my kiss
Hey! That’s my kiss

Lyrics Valerie DeLaCruz Music Valerie DeLaCruz
Producer Mark Oliverius Publisher GirlSinger Music Co./BMI
Performance Valerie DeLaCruz Label Relentless/Nashville
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