I am who I am

Song Length 3:51 Genre Rock - Alternative


I am who I am

you talk to me and try to teach me something
reach for something
steal me something

you make the rules and then expect they'll be mine
that they will bind
me and that's fine

but I'm not willing to adapt
to fit into your plan
'cause there's noway I except
I am who I am

And if you hate me for myself
I don't give a damn
I have my secrets have my stealth
I am who I am

You try to show me all the ways I should akt
what my live's lacked
and that that's a fact

your banners tell me that I can't get enough
of your new stuft
dreams are made of

You want to be inside my head
to control my mind
to set the point in live I am at
make me one of your kind

I'm not a your bork am not your cow
your blindfolded lamb
I never listen anyhow
I am what I am

You tell me everything belongs to you
that you will sue
me I have no clue

You want me to join your noble crowd
being proud
of marching loud

won't waste my live to your pervert cause
so just save your stamp
won't go off to fight your wars
I am who I am

won't walk in your beaten path
I won't follow them
I don't believe you not your math
I am who I am

Lyrics Goetz Neumann Music Goetz Neumann
Producer Goetz Neumann Publisher Goetz Neumann
Performance Jil Rinkowitz Label United Rain
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