Thin Air

Story Behind The Song

This is a true story of a company named Thinaire.

Song Description

Thinly veiled fable-like tale of a tech start-up founder tricked, enslaved and ultimately outsmarting three fund and run opportunistic business swine.

Song Length 3:56 Genre Country - Cajun, Folk - Cajun
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Uptight Subject Farmer
Language English Era 2000 and later


Thin Air
(© ASCAP Allison, Ramsay)

Three blind mice stumbled on a simple pawn in the wilderness
Overnight, they turned to swine just in time to be dangerous
In their den they did a dance that entranced the starry simpleton
Fooled again the pawn he fell in the spell of the clever ones

Into thin air

The swine had not forgot the pawn had pearls to hide
So they formed their plot and got their hooks inside

The piggy in the middle has grabbed the chairmans chair
This little piggy went to market pulling dollars from thin air

Bled bone dry, the pawn relied on the sty of dizzy deviants
He bided time collected stones and intoned disobedience
After all, he built a wall from the scrawl of their documents

The piggy in the middle has laid his talons bare
This little piggy went to market and then vanished in thin air

The pawn had won, he turned cards and the tables so many times
The swine succumbed left malaised and half crazed for so many crimes
So don't lose faith in faith, the game has many sides

The piggy in the middle has left our cupboards bare
This little piggy went to Wall Street then he vanished in thin air

Lyrics Drew Allison Music Drew Allison, Dave Ramsay
Producer Allison Ramsay Publisher ASCAP
Performance Drew Allison - Vocals/Production Dave Ramsay- All instruments Label Self
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Country - Cajun #5
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