That Voodoo Thing You Do

Song Length 2:32 Genre Jazz - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Enchanting Subject Falling in Love
Language English


*** That Voodoo Thing You Do ***

Sometimes in the moonlight, when you are by my side,
My skin just tingles, as if two worlds collide.
I was not expecting, you to thrill me like you do.
Oh what is that voodoo thing you do?

I think that it?s splendid when we are all alone,
My heart?s a tremble, you put me in a zone.
It?s so strange that our love, just came out of the blue.
What is that voodoo thing you do?

Before you came along, my life seemed so secure.
Now that you?re with me baby now I?m not so sure,
It always seems to me that we have nothing to hide,
But if this is a trip, then take me for a ride.

Before you came along, I never had a doubt,
I was oh so sure, I had it all figured out,
But now it seems like things just took a turn for the worse,
Please help me escape, from the spell, of this curse.

So many questions, all things that must be known,
Do all your lovers, each end up like drones.
Powerful potions, hallucinations, too.
Oh what is that voodoo?
What is that voodoo?
What is that voodoo thing you do?

Lyrics Ken Mayo Music Gwen Greenway
Producer Gwen Greenway Performance Jennifer Scott

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