Favorite Places

Song Length 3:49 Genre Country - Traditional


I?ve been trying to find a way,
To let you know just how I feel now baby.

I?ve been trying to make you see,
How much I really need your love baby.

But if you want me to go, I?ll take it to another show.
But if you want me to stay, I?m gonna take you to
All of my Favorite Places.

We can go down to the point, we can sit down and smoke a joint
In the parking lot baby, and maybe
We could go home and watch TV,
And it would be just you and me oh baby, and maybe
You?ll let me do what I want to do, you know that I?ll be true.
I?ll untie my love for you, and you can take me to
All of your Favorite Places.

I?ve know you for so long,
You remind me, of my favorite song.
I?ve always wanted you, and I hope that you will always be
My baby.

My Favorite Places.
My Favorite Places.
My Favorite Places.

Lyrics JJ Garrison Music The Hustlers
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