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Yes even our most dear and cuddly cultural icons have become enraged killlers. Previously cute,amusing teens are now feared as homicidal psychopaths and the flames of public fear are kindled fanned and fueled by by sensatioalistic T.V. media amorally conc

Song Description

Commentary on the Irrational and violent effect that widespread gun ownership has on our culture

Song Length 4:23 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Modern
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Moving Subject Anti, Liberal, Progressive
Similar Artists The Allman Brothers Band, Bo Diddley Language English
Era 2000 and later


Spiining Blades of paranoia blenderize my brain
poppin off like poppin corn
steaming like an old freight train.
Freight train a-rollin by where you been so long
I dont know where you might go
but I might hop on...

Pop! Jughead got a gun Archie got one too
poppin' at Veronica.
Poppin all over School

Messages from far away Mexico or Maine
speak to me from my T.V.
Big bad dog is off its' chain
Chains restrain and chains contain but every chain corrodes
with strain a chain can break
then its time to pop away.


Politicians, Porno stars and networks peddle fear.
Reality and tragedy,packaged up like beer.
seed of will sprout in you and grow to trees of terror.
Run run and buy a gun there's evil everywhere.


Join the free militia. Join the KKK.
Join the Aryan Brotherhood. Join the N.R.A.
Paint your car in camoflage. Know your enemy
Mine and booby trap your lawn and keep our country free

Pop Jughead got a gun Archie got one too.
Poppin at Veronica
Poppin all over School
Pop Jugheand got a gun.Archie got one too
When every fool is shootin' one,
I'll be a fool too..

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