Down The K-Hole

Story Behind The Song

Khole is a term used to describe the dissociative state brought on the drug Ketamine. Users experience sensations of floating and euphoria while losing sense of time and their own identities. The similarities with cultural distractions are not to be minimized. Religion is just one tactic used to distract the masses. Sports, celebrity, cheap consumer goods, throwaway entertainment, patriotic wars, and scandal hype are used similarly.

Song Length 4:18 Genre Rock - Punk


What'd you decide? It's down the k-hole
Regime elite selling the sorrow
Kingdom above -- exchange the next life
What'd you decide? It's down the k-hole

Only one shot
Into the void
This is my lot
On the inside

Lyrics Russell Emerson Hall Music Tyranny Is Tyranny
Producer Russell Emerson Hall and Jason Jensen Performance Tyranny Is Tyranny
Label Phratry Records
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Clean Clean

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