Without A Word To Say

Story Behind The Song

a close friend was unceremoniously dumped.

Song Description

the anquish of an unresolved ending to a relationship

Song Length 4:27 Genre Rock - Modern, Pop - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Furious, Troubled Subject Sorrow, Numbness
Similar Artists Garbage, No Doubt Language English
Era 2000 and later



You never ever shouted so loud

As the cry that went unspoken

That deafening sound

Leaves so much unanswered

How could I not know you

You never let me in ? no you never let me in

I?m standing here before you

And still you never felt so far away

Don?t leave me without words to say

You never ever pushed me so hard

As the force with which you?re leaving

My home is crushed to the ground

There are no walls left standing

My battle never fought

You were already gone ? you were already gone

So promises are broken

Cause you?re the one that can?t be satisfied

I?ve got to let it go soon

But I can?t seem to move ahead

Pretending life?s the same

I?m finally laughing then I realize

It?s yesterday again

You never ever cut me so deep

As the knife you used to sever

Every tie that we bound

And all our time

You threw it all away - you threw it all away

So promises are broken

Cause you?re the one who can?t be satisfied

Your words are still unspoken

Is it cause your heart just can?t decide?

I know you don?t wanna hear

But I?ve got to make it clear

I?m the woman that you made

I?m the woman you betrayed

I?m the woman you just left without a word to say

Lyrics Bobby R/ Kaila Brasell Music Bobby R
Producer Bobby R Publisher Dr. Indicatti Music/BMI
Performance Triprocket Label 10th Planet
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