Footballers Wife

Song Description

WAGS! And not wanting to be one...ever!

Song Length 2:55 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Cool
Language English Era 2000 and later


Footballer?s wife

I never wanna be a footballer?s wife
No, I could never want for that kind of life
Spending 10 thousand pound on bond Street
Because your fella?s good with his feet
But is he playin? the field tonight?

I never wanna be a gold diggin? ho
Fake tan and nails and hair and make- up and clothes
Hanging at all the trendy places
Scanning for any famous faces
And never going home alone

I never wanna be an IT girl that?s right
Makin? a livin on a party invite
How do you manage to stay so thin?
Is it all the cocaine you?re snortin??
While paparazzi wait outside

I never wanna be an heir to a throne
Having a castle in a field for my home
Though it would surely be an upgrade
And to the world I would have it made
I wouldn?t like it I just know

I never wanna be a billionaire?s girl
I wouldn?t thank you for a taste of that world
While rubbing shoulders with the rich list
You know he?s doin it with a mistress
But you?ll pretend you never heard
(more treats if you don?t say a word)

I never wanna be a footballer?s wife
I?m just not ready to go under that knife
Now I don?t mean to cause offence here
But I think the pressure?s too intense dear
I like my ordinary life
I like my ordinary life, Hat?s off for ordinary life

You?re drippin? head to toe in diamonds
Dya know how many died to find ?em?

Lyrics Tricia McTeague Music Tricia McTeague
Producer Tricia McTeague & Steven Zdrenka
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