When the Devil left Georgia

Song Description

Never Forget! 9/11/2001 Daddy when the Devil left Georgia, I sure wish he'd never came back! TB

Song Length 3:49 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Pride


Me and my daughter were on our way to Flagstaff, Arizona
Listening to Charlie Daniels sing, "The Devil went down to Georgia"
We've all heard that song many times before
But as Johnny said; "Devil, come on back", she turned off the radio
Now I'm telling you what happened next is from a 10 year olds point of view
When she started talking 'bout things I never dreamed she knew

Daddy, "When the Devil left Georgia"
He must have hid out in New York
Til' that September morning in a big black cloud of smoke
Had to be him in those planes who else could do what was done?
Up in Pennsylvania & the Pentagon
Now when we turn on the news; looks like he's in Iraq
Yea, Daddy, "When the Devil left Georgia"
Sure wish he'd never came back

She said, "He went to Alabama tore the commandments down
He had to be in New Orleans, when Katrina came to town
Daddy, where is God? Does he hear our prayers?
How could the Devil get away with this, if God really cares?"
Now I'm telling you it was hard to explain to my little girl that day
Lord every time I close my eye's I still hear her say

God Bless America!!!
Get on out of here Devil, get on
Let Freedom, Let Freedom
Let Freedom Reign!

Lyrics Tracy Black/Joseph Baldwin Publisher Six 7 Eleven Music
Performance Joseph Baldwin

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