Amercan Boyz-American Toyz

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Whether you like Chevy's or you like Fords, We're still All American Boys with American Toys! TB

Song Length 3:00 Genre Country - Rock, Country - General
Similar Artists Jason Aldean


He pulled up in a Perl White Z-28
Had a Chevy emblem tattooed on his left shoulder blade
With a 427 built for nothing but speed
And to please;
He said; "I come here looking for that Hot Rod Ford
That solid Black Cobra with 4 in the Floor"
Then it all got quite as they heard a mighty thundering sound
Shake the ground;
It was a 428 humming like a song, Black as night trimmed in chrome
Pulled up and parked right beside of that Chevrolet
Time to play;

For two American Boys with American Toys
All homegrown on American Soil
Freedom like that don't come from Japan
Built by the Labor of the Union Man.
Whether you like Chevy's or you like Ford's
We're all American Boys with American Toys

Now their side by side out on Gunwaleford road
You can hear them engines Rocking getting Ready to Roll
The hat's been dropped neck & neck off the starting line
Man alive;
That Cobra was awesome but that Z could fly
They ran dead even through the quarter mile
But a Tie don't get it now it's the best 2 out of 3
For the Keys;
As they were rive'em up for the second run, Sirens started to Hum
Then out of the Blue the law blocked the road both ways
Time to Pay;

Now the race was never finished but they got off light
With just a warning ticket from the law that night
And everybody's waiting for them to hook up again
But till then:
Their two American boys with American toys

Lyrics Tracy Black/Joseph Baldwin Performance Joseph Baldwin

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