All of Us

Story Behind The Song

Working with loops in Logic formed the basis for the tracks. Added rapper Rob Dz to the verses and the created the Chorus. I rewrote the chorus lyrics and melody after hearing Francie Phelps sing the original chorus. Briana wrote lyrics for the verses for a different option.

Song Length 5:35 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Diplomatic, Distressed
Subject Existence, Frustration


All of Us Version B
©2012 Briana Hickman & Tony Cerniglia

Stop the clock we're losing time
We chase the wind and stand in line
Fan the smoke and spread the lie
We turn our backs and fall behind

Play pretend and make believe
Close your eyes what can you see
Can you hear the dying dream
The angels sad lost melody

Mother Mary cries alone
Daddy's tired and going broke
Walls are falling with our hope
The sky is dark and thunder rolls

When there's nothing left to prove
When it's only me and you
In the ash we'll turn the truth
Like we never, ever knew

All of us, we need to save the world
We need trust, everyman, women boy or girl
In all of us, we need love and a little sympathy
All of us, it's not about you or me
We need truth, it's what we do for each other you see
In all of us we need, faith, hope and charity.

Stop the race, take a stand
Trade your arms for a hand
Give a love you can't take back
In the end, it's all we have

Peace of mind, memories
Simple truths we all need
So much more than lies and greed
I, I, still believe

I Believe I can save the world
I believe

Lyrics Tony Cerniglia & Briana Hardyman Music Tony Cerniglia
Producer Tony Cerniglia Publisher BriTone Music
Performance Briana Hardyman, Michael Massey, Joel Pingitore, Frank Queram, Tony Cerniglia, Francie Phelps, Rob Dz Label SPIKEMedia
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