I Know Jack

Song Description

The finer points of drinking.

Song Length 3:25 Genre Country - Contemporary
Subject Alchohol, Beer, Wine Language English
Era 2000 and later


Steppin' off the elevator I said you're gonna owe me later
A wine tasting party girl what were you thinking
I'm used to the neon lights
Not high dollar suits talkin' reds and whites
I hope this bar's got something fit for drinking

Heard a whisper behind me
Saying he's sure out of place
I turned around whiskey in my hand
And a big smile on my face

(I said) it goes down smooth, slight taste of oak
Finishes well with a beer, shot straight or mixed with coke
It was bottled in Lynchburg Tennessee
Number seven dressed in black
I may not know much, but I know Jack

That sparked a conversation so I offered up some education
Gave those folks a different point of view
We covered all the facts
Aged barrels to sour mash
How life just tastes sweeter at eighty proof

My baby walked over shaking her head and said
What's with the crowd
(I said) you're right on time my friends and I
Just ordered up another round ('cause it)

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus

Lyrics Scott Tonkinson and Lance Carpenter Music Scott Tonkinson and Lance Carpenter
Publisher Tonkinsongs Music
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